Friday, January 14, 2011

Tonight's HyLite Chinese New Year or Spring Festival Dinner held in Wuxi, China should be historic!

  • Tony was good Friday Night.
  • None of the students, I talked to, knew much about the shootings in Arizona.  They didn't even have an opinion like "America is so gun-crazy!" that I would have expected.
  • Some NFL playoff predictions.
  • Here are some more opinions about the Arizona Shooting and the aftermath.  The best thing said by anyone was said by the father of the nine year old girl who was murdered in the incident.  "People," he said, "are mostly good."  It was a shame that his words were not heeded by the Blood-Libelers of the Left.  Palin's speech shouldn't have been made, but she had no choice -- she had to defend herself.  And compared to Obama's speech, her speech was the speech of an adult.  She vigorously defended free speech and the country she loves.  The criticism she has received for using the words "blood libel" is idiotic and bizarre.  It was right and proper for her to use that choice of words.  Obama's speech on the other hand was calculated and also illogical if you think about it.  He said incivility had nothing to do with the shootings, and left it at that -- he instead stuck his left-wing thoughts into what should have been a memorial speech.  Obama could have told his followers to cool their libelous talk  instead of taking "we all have to be more civil" pose he did in his speech.  He could have even said that he was guilty of incivility in his public statements. And the cheering at the memorial speech doesn't say anything good about university culture. 
  • Some more NFL playoff predictions.
  • What is the Left's position on victim hood?  If you aren't a victim who votes for them, you are to be demonized and ridiculed.  No one has been treated as unfairly as Sarah Palin the past week, and yet the Left can't help but be cruel.
  • Tony at HyLite in January 2009.
  • We have a teacher from Chicago who thinks the Bears are going to choke.  I told them they have a perfect opportunity this weekend as they play the 8-9 Seahawks.
  • George W. Bush was a great example of a leader acting civilly.  And yet he was ridiculed and demonized by the Left who say they want to restore civility.
  • Yet more NFL playoff predictions.
  • The past week has shown just how evil the Left is.  Once you realize they aren't the good people they say they are, you know their whole political program is a fraud.  The past week will see a more fractious politic.  The right isn't going to put up with Leftist crap, and has realized it has to push back.
  • Amy Chua is not at all a typical Chinese mother, I gather from the talks I have had with the students about the Chinese Mothers are Superior article.
  • Saturday Night is the 2011 HyLite Chinese New Year Dinner.  The foreign trainers will be performing a scene from a Scrooge musical.  
  • Here is the official 2009 HyLite CNY Dinner Video.
  • I now have a QQ number.  It is 1436180094.

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