Monday, November 15, 2010

Tony is out of the hospital; Ritma.

  • Tony is out of there, as of Monday Morning, but he won't be going back to school for a while yet.  So, Tuesday Morning, the K family was able to linger in bed, if only for a while (apparently, Tony was in bed at 730 Monday evening!) -- both Andis and Tony didn't have to go anywhere in the morning -- a rare concurrence.
  • Tony's father is still trying to process his aunt Ritma's passing away.  He got choked up when he heard about it.  He passed on the sad news to some friends of his  from his time spent in Winnipeg in the nineteen eighties.  They all mentioned what an interesting and grounded person she was.  Andis always thought of Ritma as indestructible because she seemed so unflappable about most things.  Andis will work on a proper piece about Ritma over the next week.
  • Yesterday, Tony went on a journey, of sorts, with his parents to a restaurant.  During the journey, Tony demonstrated both an ability to point out things that he wanted, and a knowledge of where things he wanted were. 
  • Andis needed some paper to blow his nose.  He mentioned this to Tony who promptly provided some -- a first that Andis feels is needed to be mentioned to the world.

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