Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thoughts or Tweets

  • The worst thing about religion is that it creates atheists.
  • David Warren says political independents are ditzs.  From another column of his, where he says forty percent are solidly on the right and forty percent are solidly on the left:
In crude proportions, this leaves 20 per cent of "Independents." The views of these people cannot be characterized, because they really don't have any. They aren't political; for those who form any political interest at all immediately begin migrating to some place in the spectrum. The typical Independent is more like a genuine free agent, and the word that comes most easily to mind is "ditz."

These are the people who were capable of voting for Obama two years ago, and for a deep draught of Tea this week. They can be swayed easily by the media, and by whatever else is in the breeze. 

  • The better independents only create cleverer rationales for not believing in anything.  The better class of independents are zealots of the belief that there is nothing you can believe in.
  • I realized I made a muck of things in my early life, so I set my goals low -- I achieved them but they weren't such low goals after all.
  • On the way to work one morning, I saw an accident aftermath, I saw luggage drop out of a bus,  a lineup of trucks and buses at the diesel pump, and another old man wearing a Mao suit.
  • I saw the staff of a hotel doing a morning run.  They were wearing dress pants, bright red sashes, and leather work shoes as they did so -- all forty of them.

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