Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Now you're cooking with gas!

  • I don't know if I will have the time to do a proper obit-like piece about Ritma.  I am busy and distracted.  I will just have to  spend the next few days giving some reminisces.  The title of this blog entry was an expression she often used when things were going one's way.  And she said it often because she had this optimistic way about her which makes her death seem so unbelievable, even though we all must go sometime.
  • There won't be a funeral for Ritma her will stated she didn't want one.  Her cremated remains will be placed in an urn beside her husband Leo.  Perhaps in the Summer of 2011, a memorial service will be held for her.  My brother Ron is helping with the cleanup of her old home.
  • I went to a Siemen's dealer in the Macallane Furniture Mall, across from the Wuxi Metro.  I am going to help show some Chinese how to cook Western Food, using an oven built by Siemen's.  
  • Of course, my mother is very saddened by the death of her sister.  Half a world away, I wish I could be with her.

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