Sunday, November 6, 2011

Two days off! Oh boy!

  • What am I going to do?  I don't know.  The wife and I will do some grocery shopping.  I am will try and convince her that we should go to Menzhidao, the computer market place, to see if I can get the Operating System to work in Chinese and English.  I asked some of my students who work in IT about this, and from what I understood, they said it was possible.
  • Mom is going to have to sell her home in the spring.  My father is going to have to go into a care home.
  • I think I should teach Foreigners how to understand Wuxi English.  Students keep telling me that they understand my English, but not that of many other foreigners.
  • Is my 4 year old son Tony a playground bully?  Read about it here or here.
  • KFC currently has a Thomas & Friends promotion:  buy a meal, get a Thomas toy.  Tony loves Thomas, as many rare readers may know, and so when we took him into KFC, he got very excited when he saw the promotion signage.  Only problem was that they had run out of toys.  Tony cried and cried when we carried him away.
  • A lot of great podcasts to be downloaded from here.  That is the link for the WGN Extension 720 Show.  Be sure to visit the Audio archives.  I have downloaded some podcasts about Munich 1938, Stalin, and Country Music. 
  • BTW, Here is my list of top ten podcasts:
  1. Econtalk
  2. Radio Derb
  3. Mark Levin Show
  4. The Ricochet Podcast
  5. WGN Extension 720
  6. EWTN podcasts featuring Mother Angelica, Father Groeschel and others.
  7. Charles Adler
  8. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History (I don't recommend his common sense podcast)
  9. Podcasts from Outloud Opinion (Editorials read aloud)
  10. Podcasts from the City Journal (Articles read aloud)
  • Other podcasts that I listen to out a regular basis include the Slate Political Gabfest, some ESPN podcasts, G. Gordon Liddy, In Our Time with Melvin Bragg, History of Rome, the Napoleon Podcast, and Wiretap from the CBC.  The Slate one I listen to just to confirm my notions that Leftists are as silly as I think they are.  I have just started listening to some podcasts which I recommended in an earlier entry.
  • Sorry, I didn't provide links.  I download all these shows through my RSS Reader.  If you can't find the shows send me an email (
  • Tony and I played with the Microsoft Train Simulator last night.  He is getting around to the idea that the steam locomotives are a pain in an ass to play with.  He did spend some time watching the modern commuter trains in action.  I let him try to figure out the software on his own.  He does know how to get out of a simulation he doesn't like.  He just doesn't know how to get into a new one.

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