Sunday, November 27, 2011

Monday Notes

  • I have discovered that by going into my program files and deleting files named zh_cn (zhongwen China) that I can get many programs to have English interfaces.  I am now able to easily use Windows Movie Maker and the Video Camera on my new laptop.  
  • Tony and Jenny spend Saturday and Sunday evenings in Changzhou, about 15 minutes, by fast train, from Wuxi.  Tony, I heard, was really excited to ride an electric car and bicycle belonging to a Changzhou cousin.
  • While they were away, I didn't do much except watch a DVD (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) and try to play with video editors.
  • The Blue Bombers didn't win the Grey Cup game.
  • Wuxi Expat marries Battleship.
  • Some Wuxi Expat severely punished for violating curfew.
  • Wuxi, China now  has some old American West style saloons.

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