Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Car Sick

I took a taxi, with one of the Chinese teachers at my school, to an on-site company class.  When we arrived, the Chinese teacher told me she was car sick.  This taxi driver, she said, drove very recklessly.  I was surprised at her reaction because I didn't think the taxi driver had been particularly reckless.  But then I was listening to my podcast and my mind was elsewhere.

I did notice that the taxi driver who took us back to school was crazy, however.  Wearing a baseball cap backwards, this driver looked like a stereotypical western car-thief on a joy ride.  He swerved through traffic, and almost brought on a moment of fright for me as he just missed striking a car, he was passing on the left, that had its turn signals on and was starting to change lanes.  There was no way that car could have seen our taxi until the last instance -- it was the second car to be passed in a quick weaving maneuver being performed by our "joy-driver."

It seems to me that the taxi drivers have become more and more reckless in the time I have been in Wuxi.

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