Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thank you America!

A thought crossed my mind.  I must thank America for the fact that I married Jenny and we have our beautiful son Tony.  Sure, I can thank China, and I do.  China is my in-law after all.  But America by being America, by being capitalistic, won an important battle of ideas that did lead to my being in China and meeting Jenny. 

China, after throwing in the towel in 1979 by getting away from socialistic planning and taking up markets, opened up to the world.  Ultimately, this was America's doing, and the fervency with which some would deny this fact, only proves my point.  I have seen many for whom America-hatred is an obsession.  (I have the opposite obsession which is to defend it.)  They go out of their way to say and think the worse of America.

This opening up by China is why I am here.  And since I am have been here, what I have seen shows that there is no denying that Chinese people want what America has.  The Chinese want shopping and cars and computers.

America, by standing up for South Korea, a Democratic China, and rebuilding Japan left China with no choice but to change its ways.

Thank God they did!  What would I do without Jenny and Tony?

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