Monday, June 20, 2011

Tony and Jenny to return to Wuxi

My wife and son have been in Taxiing for two weeks while I have been slaving away at work in Wuxi.  They will return tomorrow, and I will be happy to see them.
I didn't see their being away as a license to return to bachelorhood.  I stayed home, and dutifully did laundry, phoned them every night, and made myself food.  I only went DVD shopping once, and all I found was that the DVD shops had all their stock taken away.  It served me right.  As well, no pretext to go to a bar occurred.
I am under no illusions that the return of Jenny and Tony will be 100 percent pure happiness.  I expect to be made to feel guilty for not having cleaned the house to Jenny's standards.  I know Tony will have his own agenda which take away from a wonderful father-son reunion.
Their bus from Taixing will arrive at 320 on Tuesday Afternoon.

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