Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bloomsday is Doomsday for the Canucks

Game Seven of the Stanley Cup final was played on the morning of June 16th (Bloomsday) in China.  Not able to get a telecast of Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Final, all I could do was get updates over the Internet at my computer at school.

When I arrived at my office, I saw that that my Canucks banner, that I had put on the wall, had fallen to the ground.  I had taped there but the tape wasn't sticking.  

Anyway, this wasn't a good omen.  I turned on the computer to see the Bruins had a two-nothing lead midway through the second period.  And quickly, the score became three-nothing.  The Canucks were doomed.

I followed the game by following a live blog on tsn.

Oh well.  I am glad to see that the Bruins, an original six team, won.  I take no pleasure, however, in having predicted earlier this year that the Canucks weren't going to win the Cup.  But there were times I thought I was to be happily wrong.

I hope Canucks fans were behave sensibly.

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