Friday, June 24, 2011

AKIC Vacation 2011 Randoms

  • It's much too hot.  I said it's much too hot.  I said it's much too darn hot!
  • The most enjoyable part of my vacation so far?  Being able to watch Kiss Me Kate! on DVD!  Not a perfect movie, is this Kiss me Kate!, but there is enough in it that I can watch the film over and over and over again.  Cole Porter writes a musical based on the Shakespeare play The taming of the Shrew.  How can one go wrong with that?  The dancing, some great songs, and tongue-in-cheek acting make this movie a must-see for fans of musicals or those who are so cretinous as to not know or suspect what they are missing.
  • I saw a woman with a big mole under her nose.  Poor woman.  She looked like Hitler.
  • It's too darn wet.  I said it's much too darn wet.  I said it's much much too too darn wet!
  • I saw a man at at the middle of intersection having to pick up all his things.  His bicycle on which he was carrying his cleaning gear slipped on the wet pavement.  Traffic didn't slow down for him, it just skirted around him.
  • Friday afternoon, I was about about to take my son Tony out.  Only problem was that it was about to rain so my enthusiasm for going was already dampened.  I thought to stay home, but the prospect of that was even less enticing.  I had to get out, damn the rain and humidity!  And so it was that just as I exited the apartment, the first drops of rain could be seen hitting the pavement, leaving at first, tiny specks of wet that would gradually be engulfed by a few minutes more of water droplets striking the pavement.  By the time we got out of the apartment building, the rain was heavy enough for me to bring out the umbrella which I hoped Tony could hold as I carried him on my shoulders.  I asked Tony if he wanted to go back home now that it was raining but he insisted on carrying on.  I walked to the nearest bus stop with a just-formulated plan to catch what bus would come since Tony said he wanted to take one.  The bus we did happen to catch took us to Nanchang Market.  There, Tony dragged me into a two rmb shop so he could buy a plastic toy motorcycle.  At two rmb, his parents let him buy as many as he wants!  From there, we wandered aimlessly till I decided to catch the double-decker #81 bus.  We rode the bus to the Xihui Park area.  I saw that the area has been flatten for further commercial development.  Just what Wuxi needs!  We got off the 81 bus near the Munjedao Computer Market where we didn't have to stand in the rain long as a bit of fortunate timing saw the bus we then wanted to catch arrive after one minute.  Taking the bus home, Tony wisely fell asleep just as the bus got stuck in a traffic jam for thirty minutes.
  • Walking aimlessly with Tony was not such a bad thing at all.  I liked his grabbing my hand and leading me where he wanted to go.
  • Unbeknownst to me, Tony had grabbed a DVD and was walking out of the store with it.  I had no idea why some clerks started screaming at us.
  • They are building a Wanda Plaza in Hui Shan across from the People' Square.  I think they already have one of these things in the Hu Bin District.  Just what Hui Shan needs!
  • I had someone take a photo of me with an Ipad 2.  I was wandering, Tony on my shoulders, when this young gentleman walked up to us and said "Hey!  I know you!  You are from HyLite, and that is your son Tony!"

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