Sunday, June 12, 2011


  • More intersection monitoring near Casa K.  Yesterday where there were two cops, today saw cops and "volunteers" on each corner of the intersection monitoring traffic.   And it was Sunday Morning!!
  • The system of counting, where one is said to be one years old on the day one is born, is not used in Northern China.  I learned this yesterday.  I had previously assumed it was a Chinese thing.  Whenever, a student tells me that their child is two or three or four or five years old, I have to ask for the exact number of months of age.  Tony, who I say is three, would be five in Southern China.  In months, Tony is 45 months.
  • These women got on the bus this morning and chattered so much, I felt compelled to turn around and stare at them -- give them the evil eye, as it were.

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