Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Street Fight!

Sunday Night, European Street.
I notice a crowd is gathering to watch a security guard who looks like he is trying to stop a fight.  His two arms pushing in opposite directions in order to restrain two men from going at each other.
But, it turns out that there are two groups of men, not just individuals, displeased with each other.  Above the crowd, I see many arms and fists starting to fly.  The security guard has moved to the periphery.  I get a quick glance at one pair of men pushing each other as each has a hold of the other's arms.  More and more people flock to the area to witness the action making it hard for me to determine what is happening.  For a few seconds, I do see that the fighting action is fluid enough to cause a sway in the crowd of onlookers trying to back away.
I can't help myself.  I just want to watch.  I want to give into temptation. 
I say to Jenny, "Oh My God!  Look at the fight!"
Tony, who is on my shoulders says "No fight!"  He is not trying to be a peacemaker, he is indicating to me that he isn't interested in play-fighting with his Dad at that moment.
The crowd grows and grows. Nothing can be seen.  We move on.  I do so reluctantly.

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