Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What am I going to blog about? Also: Links

  • What am I going to blog about now? That is the question. Whether it is nobler to say nothing when you have nothing to say, or to try to say something all the same is a question that I don't ponder. I know the answer, but I don't want to believe it. Hence, this entry.
  • Photos taken from the #81 Bus.
  • Here is a photo of Tony leafing through the Takara TOMY catalogue on Tuesday at the Taiwanese Restaurant in the Casa Kaulins Apartment Complex.
  • Tony is still leafing through the Takara TOMY catalogue that I got him on the weekend.... Really?!? I should discuss this in my Tony blog, or my Tony blogs.
  • Good thing I got three copies of the catalogue because he has already lost one of them.
  • Wuxi Expat Engineer falls in love with spherical ball bearing.
  • Dang nab it!!! The Senators beat the Rangers and the Canucks are not eliminated yet in the NHL Playoffs!! I am not cheering for any of the Canadian teams in the playoffs because those two teams suck!
  • Tony on the #81 Bus.
  • I asked the students what news they were following. They told me about Bo Xilai. They had knowledge of what happened that was no better than mine. They had no opinions of what his ousting meant. When I first heard about it. I thought was no more significance that the ousting of Mao Xiao Peng as Wuxi mayor -- Bo Xilai's ousting was just another incident in the never-ending internal party struggle, I figured. But then John Derbyshire said it was the strangest incident to happen in China since the Lin Biao incident of 1971.
  • The Bus Stops of Wuxi, China #30 and #31.
  • A student had bags under his eyes because he stayed up to watch the first leg of the Bayern Munich - Real Madrid Champions League Semifinal.
  • More photos of Tony on the #81 Bus.
  • I have two ideas for videos to upload to my Youtube Channel. When I have some time, I will slap them together. I already have shot the video I need for one of them.

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