Monday, April 9, 2012

John Derbyshire fired by NRO.

I recall I made a blog entry proudly proclaiming that John Derbyshire had responded to one of my emails.  Googling, I haven't been able to find it so as to give the link.  But I did notice that I have linked to Derb's site and his podcast on NRO on numerous occaisions on my blog.

Anything he writes I quickly read.  He is along David Warren, a must read for me.  I like them both, even though Warren is an orthodox Catholic and Derb is a Darwinistic deterministic atheist,  because they have strong, inciteful and interesting takes on things.  And I will say that I agree with Warren much more than I do with Derbyshire.

I listened to his Radio Derb NRO podcast every week.  As soon as I downloaded it, I would listen to it.  I would have to say it was my favorite podcast.  I hope he finds another venue to make them.

I also classed him as a great Sinologist.  He married a Chinese woman, as I did.  Heck, he even had a bit part in a Bruce Lee Movie!!

So it saddens me to hear that he was fired from the National Review for writing this article.   It was a typical Derb screed on race which goes to places that the more timid dare not tread.  Was it racist?  I don't think so, unless racism means being honest about racial differences.  Derb does not wish ill will on anybody but the wicked.  Derb comes from the school that says to judge people by the content of their character and not their color of their skin.  But he has never been one to cater to the platitudes of this belief.  In the real world, for many reasons, there are differences among racial groups that people are blind to and dishonest about.  Government programs that try to ameliorate racism in fact have allowed it to take on different forms.  What they have done to many American blacks is kind of a new slavery ponzie scheme.  Derb talked about this and other matters racial that was far too honest for this day and age.

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