Thursday, April 5, 2012

Early April Ruminations

  • 1,775,613 video views on my Youtube Channel.
  • The Major League Baseball season has begun!  I see that two more teams will qualify for the playoffs.  This is proof that my criticism of the Wildcard system was correct.  The Wildcard destroyed or watered down pennant races.  Now, there will be more incentives and necessity for teams with great records in the same division, to battle it out in September instead of being able to cruise to the playoffs as they had since the establishment of the Wildcard.  However, now there is a chance that a third place team will make the playoffs.  It would have been better if MLB had scratched its six division configuration and gone back to the four division setup of 1969 to 1993.
  • Did I mention I had students in a class named Xu and Xue?  I made a draft of an entry mentioning this but I can't remember if I published it and because I am in China I haven't got the patience to see if the entry was published.  Anyway, the problem of pronouncing their names was averted by one of them telling me his English name.
  • One of the students, at our school, teaches German in Changzhou.
  • I later saw five trucks of a Circus troupe (mentioned in an earlier entry) parked near a bridge** joining the Jiangyin and Hui Shan Districts.  The trucks were parked in the bicycle lane and the members of the troupe were seated about on the lane, on nearby grass and under trees.  The members looked like gypsies as the men and the women, many carrying babies, were camping out at  an area that was uninhabited and near a body of water.  However, I didn't see a camel.
  • That's it.  I will be lying low and waiting for my trip to Canada.

**this is the bridge from which I have taken many a trainspotting video.

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