Friday, April 27, 2012

Saturday Bullets

  • My wife and son were at school when I finished work last night.  It was nice to have Tony run up to me and give me a hug
  • It wasn't nice having him accompany me on the bus ride home because he used my Ipod touch.  I missed out of 45 minutes of podcast listening enjoyment.
  •  After getting off  the bus, we had to walk ten minutes before we got home.  Along the way, we crossed a bridge.  The canal over which the bridge spanned had been drained.  In the distance, an earthen dam could be seen, behind which water had been pumped.  "They have drained the canal!" I told my wife.  She asked if they were looking for bodies.  She had heard that in Shandong province, a river had been similarly drained and sixteen bodies were discovered.  She provided no more details as to why the bodies were there.
  • In the book I am reading about the Chinese, the author said that the Chinese swear a lot.  If they do in fact, they don't do it in English.  Most of the Chinese I have meet, with the exception of my wife**, aren't the kind of people who swear.  My wife does tell me that when the Chinese do argue the epithets do fly.  When she bickers with shop keepers and so on, she always tells me the others swear at her.  So perhaps what the author says is true.
  • My morning routine.  I get at six a.m.  I shower, I shave, and I iron my clothes.  If I have time, I read my email on the Ipod or listen to a podcast on the Ipod.  At seven a.m., I make Tony his morning bottle of milk.  When he finishes, I try to wake him up and I sometimes try to get him dressed.  I say sometimes because it is a task I rather have my wife do.  She can deal with a protesting Tony better than I can.  This morning, he protested.

**She has a bad husband to swear at!  So don't blame her!

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Weiming Zhao said...

Hi, Andis:
It is too bad. Just wonder if you are still around in Brandon on June 10? We will be back from our trip on June 10. My email address is Weiming