Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mid April 2012 entry: Big Hair versus Big Ears

  • I got a cold.  So, does my wife.  We got it from Tony.  Symptoms are coughing and an overall lethargic feeling.  The parts of my bones that are old and creaky also feel a bit sore
  • I scored 100 percent on this quiz, putting me with just eight percent of the population.  I was not particularly happy with the wording of one question, however.
  • I saw these two kids leaving a kindergarten wearing military multi-color camouflage from head to toe.
  • At an intersection during the rush hour, you can see many adults accompanied by children on e-bikes.  Obviously, the adults have just picked up the children from school.  They don't wear helmets which would make safety-fascists angry.  The child will generally sit behind the adult.  One child, riding on an e-bike with a woman, was quite the sight to me as he was deeply immersed in a book.  He stood straight up with the book right in his face.  I wondered how he could that.  When I am the passenger with my wife on our e-bike, I always using my hands to hold onto the bike frame.  I would just be too scared to read a book.
  • So it is almost certain that it will be Mitt Romney and Barack Obama facing off in the 2012 U.S. Presidential election.  I hope Romney wins.  I am not very enthusiastic about Romney, but he is a better Republican candidate than the lamentable John McCain.  So really, it is not saying much. I support Romney because Barack Obama is about as bad as a U.S. President can possibly be.  Obama is an economic illiterate, socialist and a liar to boot.  The people who support him are fools.  His election to the Presidency was truly the triumph of style and wishful-thinking over substance.

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