Saturday, February 4, 2012

Things I was witness to

  • My Saturday Speakers' Corner Topic:  Legs.  I asked the students about the legs of Chairman Mao and Zhou En-Lai.  Mao, some students said, probably didn't have nice legs; Zhou, who was handsome when he was young, probably did.
  • At the Italian Restaurant, Trattoria Ferrara, I saw a foreigner walk in and say Bonjourno!  I didn't think Italians did that in real life.
  • A Wuxi Expat really appreciates fairy tales.
  • I am keenly following the Republican Primary taking place in the good old USA.  It is a rather solitary activity, like masturbation, for me.  Not that the other foreigners in my life are gay, but they might as well be.  The only foreigners I know in Wuxi now are knucklehead socialists, anti-Americans who love Obama and a supposed conservative type who tells me he liked Huckabee in the last Presidential election cycle.
  • I probably mentioned it before, but I will say it again.  When I first started teaching at the school seven years ago, it was rare for students to tell me that they had cars.  Now, it is rare for them to tell me they don't.
  • Brushed my teeth on Saturday morning, and I had a filling come out.  I don't know when I get it fixed.

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