Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It wasn't so easy to fix the damage Tony did to Dad's Laptop

The problem, caused by Tony, on Dad's laptop didn't go away so easily.  Dad discovered that when he logged onto the laptop later, the screen again was ninety degrees off kilter -- that is, the screen was in portrait orientation instead of the normal landscape.  

A little exploration on the Internet revealed that the solution to the problem was easy enough.  All Dad had to do was restore the system to a previous time.  But because Dad's operating system was in Chinese, it wasn't going to be so easy to do a system restore.  

But thank God for Google Translate!  Dad used the facility to find the simplified Chinese characters for system restore.  Cutting and pasting the characters into the the search box on the Start Menu of Windows 7, he was able to get to the system restore menu.  This menu was in Chinese, but Dad did have a screenshot of the English menu, and so was able to fix the problem!

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