Sunday, February 26, 2012

One way to jump the queue at a popular restaurant in China

It was a Saturday evening around six in the downtown of  Wuxi, China

"Let's go to Grandma's! said Jenny Kaulins, Chinese wife of Andis Kaulins who was a Canadian living in Wuxi, China.

Grandma's was a popular restaurant on the top floor of the Wuxi Yaohan, formerly Ba Bai Ban, department store on Zhongshan Road in Wuxi.   And on that Saturday evening, there was a lineup out the door.  Andis seeing it, quickly gave up any hope of being able to eat at the restaurant that evening.  On a previous occasion, the Kaulins family had to wait an hour before they were able to be seated.

This did not dissuade Jenny from going in to see how bad the lineup was.  Andis agreed that she go in and at least see if there was a chance of finding a seat in less than twenty minutes.

Jenny went in and Andis waited outside.  He put his son Tony on his shoulders and prepared to leave.  He was pessimistic about being seated this evening.

But, a minute later, Jenny came out and told him to come right into Grandma's.  She already had a table.  She had agreed to share an available table, in a private room, with eight seats with two other small groups.  

Jenny told Andis later that many people did't like the idea of sharing a table.  Andis thank fate that his wife didn't share this dislike.

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