Sunday, April 17, 2011

A surfeit of links.

  • I overindulged in cigarettes and alcohol on the weekend.  And now I am deservedly suffering for this.
  • I have an excess of things, from the weekend, to talk about -- like a bachelor party and a wedding.  The bachelor party and wedding were unrelated -- altogether different brides and grooms.  At the wedding, there was a confluence of Tonys.  The bachelor party inspired me to write a story for the Wuxi China Expatdom Blog.
  • Seriously, the bachelor party was okay.  It was swell to see some Wuxi China Expats I haven't seen in a while like Malu and Niels and Fred.  Malu was saying I was looking shitty which was probably the case.  I have, within the last year, felt symptoms of ageing like sore joints and weak eyesight..  The party was at a certain Peter's place - it was a sign of the times in Wuxi that all around his compound, new buildings, ten stories or more high, were now crowding his skyline -- none of the buildings were there three or more years ago -- the last time I had been at Peter's.
  • Tony and Jenny went to the Ling Shan Big Buddha Sunday afternoon.  Jenny lost Tony for five minutes in the crowd.  It was a tense time for her till she found him.
  • One thing about being an English Teacher in China is that I have meet so many people over my time here that I can't remember them all.  Far too often, I see familiar faces and I am at a lost to remember their names or place  where I know them from.  At the wedding, I saw a girl who worked at the school and who I even had taken a taxi with to Hui Shan a few times.  It took me five minutes to place her properly.  And when I did, I had to give myself the biggest headslap of my life. 
  • I went to the 1912 Bar District for the second time on Saturday.  As a long-time Wuxi Expat, you would have thought that I had done more.  In my mind, there were supposed to be Baboons everywhere -- it wasn't far off.
  • I also have an overabundance of photos.  Jenny took Tony to Ling Shan to see a Big Buddha -- she took our camera with her and took lots of photos.  As well on Saturday, we picked up the K family studio photos -- I think we posed for them about two months ago.  Rare readers will be seeing all the photos over the next few weeks. (Bonus!  Visit here to see another!)
  • Tony on April 17, 2011.
  • L to  R: Jenny, Tony, Andis, Tony, and Helen.
  • Tony in the studio 1, Tony in the studio 2
  • Atlas Shrugged coming to China?

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