Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A mixture of links and observations

  • This weekend is Easter weekend.  I knew Easter was coming -- I just didn't know it was this weekend.  The fact that the Jewish hosts of my favorite podcasts had taken off a day for passover should have been a clue.  The Chinese aren't familiar with the Easter holiday.  They don't know about the Easter bunny.  They certainly didn't know the religious significance of the holiday.  I find it interesting to be in China for the Easter Bunny holiday in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit -- though really, the fact of Christ's death and resurrection is much more important to me.
  • Tony Kaulins Studio Photo #7
  • May 1 will be a holiday as well as the beginning of a ban in China of smoking in public places.  I wonder how this ban will work.  I assume that most Chinese will ignore it.  I wonder what the government will do to enforce the ban.  And I wonder what public places smoking will be banned.  Does this mean pubs?  Does this mean common indoor areas like food courts?  Does this mean outdoor public places like parks?
  • Kaulins Family Studio Photo #7
  • Lunch time in China is about when I can follow the results of ongoing playoff games in the NBA and the NHL.
  • Kaulins Family Studio Photo #8
  • The Wuxi Jaywalkers are currently in eighth place in their ten team fantasy baseball league.  I have already had to revamp my pitching staff which has been the weakest in the league to date.
  • Tony Kaulins Studio Photo #8
  • There are 2.5 billion people awaiting the return of the WCE contingent at Lake Taihu.

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