Monday, April 18, 2011

I am the man who knows too little.

  • I watched the film The Man Who Knew Too Much on DVD Monday afternoon.  It was an Alfred Hitchcock directed film starring James Stewart and Doris Day.  My review?  It was a great movie.  The feeling of one's child being lost is horrifying.  And Hitchcock didn't need to "gore it up" to get maximum impact.
  • Tony Kaulins Studio Photo #3
  • Tuesday evening, I go to school to do some overtime.  I feel somewhat recovered from my weekend of excess.
  • Tony Kaulins Studio Photo #4
  • I am going to try, again, to finish Atlas Shrugged.
  • Kaulins Family Studio Photo #3
  • I see the Vancouver Canucks are beating the Chicago Black Hawks three games to nothing.  Could this be the year the 'nuckers take the cup?
  • Kaulins Family Studio Photo #4
  • The odd-numbered studio photos will appear in my wordpress blogs.  The even-numbered will appear in the blogspot blogs.
  • Video taken at Helen and Tony's Wedding.

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