Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

  • It is my Mom's birthday today (April 14)!  Aina lives in Brandon, Manitoba and looks after my father.  Here is a video, I have just uploaded, where Tony wishes his Canadian Grandmother a happy birthday!
  • When I got off the bus this morning, I saw an old woman rubbing her hands against the bark of a tree.  I had no idea why she was doing this.  I then saw, in the same park, another old person rubbing their back against a wooden post.  And I got freaked out...
  • I asked the students to make some NHL playoff picks for me based on nickname.  They had the Canadiens winning the Eastern Conference.  I will get another group, perhaps some tutors, to pick the Western conference.
  • The Abbotsford Heat, of the American Hockey League, didn't make the playoffs.  Damn!
  • Yesterday, I asked the students if they remembered when their mothers' birthdays were.  A few too many said they didn't know.  However one had a good reason not to know.  She told me that her mother's mother, her grandmother, died in childbirth, so the day was never celebrated.
  • Here are photos of my mom at AKIC Wordpress, TKIC Wordpress, TKIC Blogspot, and AKIC Blogspot.

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