Sunday, April 10, 2011

AKIC is pooped!

  • AKIC is pooped after yesterday afternoon's excursion, with TKIC to some parkland in downtown Wuxi, China.  On his shoulders, he had to carry TKIC.  It was hot as well, and so the sweat was pouring copiously down AKIC's forehead -- AKIC doesn't want to leave the house today. His size 47 Chinese shoes, ordered on the Internet, were not the most comfortable thing either -- to sit on the couch and watch DVDs is all he wants. Mind you, AKIC was not Iggy Pooped.
  • It was also a day that made AKIC what the point of going out was.  Reading would have been a more agreeable way to spend an afternoon.  As it was, the trouble it took, to see what in the abstract was wonderous, didn't seem worth it. 
  • However, putting on his child's eyes, AKIC imagined the wonder that TKIC was experiencing, and it wasn't such a bad thing at all.  A moment where AKIC and TKIC sat together on the bus and Tony was full or curiosity made it all worth it.
  • AKIC took a  lot of video and photos yesterday on the excursion.  You can see then here, here, here, and here.
  • The area which Andis and Tony explored had been but a field of rubble four years before.  Andis recalled walking the area when he lived in the Wu Ai Road apartments.  Then it was mucky, trashy, and full of rubble.  Now, it was clean and yet...
  • There is an election in Canada.  Ho-hum. 
  • AKIC was reading somewhere on the Internet that squatting to take a poo, like the Chinese do, is better than what Westerners do to poo, which to sit.  AKIC now is thinking of asking JKIC if she thinks it would be a good idea to tear the toilet out of the bathroom and leave a hole in the floor.   Either that, reasons AKIC, or put footrests on high stools on both sides of the toilet.

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Anonymous said...

Andis keep the western toilet and get the squat toilet adaptor.
Let us ( AKIC blog fans ) know if you ask Jenny what she thinks of this idea.
That would make an intresting video ...