Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why "they" need to hate Sarah Palin so much.

I was listening to a Tony Kornheiser podcast.  TK and his honchos were discussing Bristol Palin's being tossed off some Search for Star show.  That whole BP thing is a circus, but it is something to do with SP, and  so "they" become obsessed. 
TK said that he didn't hate BP, and in fact felt sorry for her.  She had a baby young and a crazy mom -- BP's mother, he said, was trying to get herself elected God.  Liking SP, I rankled at this and immediately thought how SP's rival BO had himself elected on the platform of being a God.
But then I came to a realization.
"They" hate SP so much because "they" see her as having all of BO's faults.  The observations that many Conservatives make about BO being over his head are ultimately unanswerable, so "they" see SP as a way of transferring their unspoken knowledge of BO's weakness to something, or somebody else.
"They" do this because they can't counter the self-assurance of Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives.  "They" hate her because their own ideas are bankrupt, and they would never stoop to admit it.

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