Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some November 24 observations

  • In this article John Derbyshire says this: the disdain for manual work encourages the infantile fantasy that all citizens are entitled to well-paid middle-class jobs, with the consequent need to import unskilled foreigners for the rest, putting further demands on government resources in healthcare, education, and law enforcement. It gets me to thinking. I made that infantile mistake. And boy did I pay for it!
  • Looking across the dinner table at my wife Jenny, I thought to myself that she more than I deserve! I hope I can ensure that she and Tony have the best for the rest of their lives.
  • Self-examination. How do I explain myself? I have had a silly desire for celebrity and comfort, mixed with silly expectations.
  • I watched the second episode of the first season of Breaking Bad; I watched the movie No Country for Old Men. Both shows featured characters tossing coins to make decisions, as well as the DEA. It was a coincidence. Breaking Bad, by the way, seems like a funny show. I regret now, having only bought the first season. No Country for Old Men seemed truncated, story wise. I feel I have to buy the Cormac McCarthy novel to get the full meat of the story.
  • In Chinese kindergartens, the students are made to stand for the national anthem of the People's Republic.
  • Wuxi is getting a radical face-lift. What three years ago was an empty field has become a park full of bridges and paths for strolling. (I went past an area for the first time in a few years today).

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