Friday, November 5, 2010

It is Saturday and I don't know what to blog about.

Blogging is something I feel I must do every day. Like marriage, it is a commitment and you got to stick to it.

People who quit blogging should be shunned and not allowed in respectable company -- though in this day and age, respectable company is becoming harder and harder to find. What is acceptable today is not respectable in an eternal sense. What seems to be deemed acceptable today involves a lot of sneering at common folk who don't have much time to think about what is acceptable or not. Sorry for that. I am going off on a tangent.

Today, I look at the blank canvas of my blogging software with anxiety. I don't what to blog about that is not self-referential gobbly gook.

I will try to fill in my daily obligatory blog entry with some observations:

  • I saw line-ups for diesel at two spots along my bus route this morning. Twenty trucks and buses at each station were lined-up.
  • I had no seat on the bus this morning. As I stood I listened to podcasts. I heard from CJOB Winnipeg that the Blue Bombers may get a new stadium. I heard John Derbyshire lament the election of Harry Reid in Nevada. Derb asked the same question, I did, what is wrong with those Nevada people?
  • Keith Olberman has been suspended by MSNBC because he contributed money to Dem political campaigns. Much as I don't like Olberman -- his is an idiot and basically not nice, I think he has been treated unfairly. I couldn't care less if he contributed to political campaigns. His biases are well known, and it is ridiculous for him to maintain the pretense of unbiasedness. In fact, I think FOX news should hire him. Like the animal rights activist who goes to rodeos every year, he is part of the political show that Conservatives would miss -- wonder they do what Olberman's takes on things are.
  • If I had been able to sit on the bus this morning, I would have studied my Chinese. Funny how these days, I am not immersed in a novel. I started reading Nostromo by Joseph Conrad but I haven't picked it up lately. I have to recommit myself -- Nostromo is good. I am going to have to not be distracted by articles I find on the web. (My Google reader had 700 unread articles as I type this.)
  • I was talking about Life Philosophy just now in class. I asked the students to list people who influenced their life philosophy. I put up Confucius and Jesus Christ as examples. They told me Chairman Mao, Chairman Hu, and Helen Keller.
  • This blog entry has been made in my office at school.
I will also add some photos to this blog entry.

In front of a restaurant, two doors down from my school, the staff are lined up in rank as the manager talks to them. A common sight in China -- never seen in the West.

This is an intersection near my school. The roads: Xueqian and Zhongshan.

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