Thursday, August 19, 2010

FMLB24 Season Two World Series -- Game Nine: Yankees versus Expos

This game is being played in Montreal's Olympic Stadium.  The starting pitchers are Steve Rodgers for the Expos and Ron Guidry for the Yankees.

For the first six innings, the starting pitchers are in their finest form with only one runner getting into scoring position.

But in the top of the seventh inning, Reggie Jackson hits a solo home run to give the Yankees a one-nothing lead.  For Steve Rodgers, the hit brings back memories of Blue Monday.  But he manages to pitch masterfully for the rest of the game, allowing the Yankees no more runs.

Meanwhile, Yankees' starter Ron Guidry, starts to weaken, and the Expos get runners into scoring position in the seventh and eighth innings.  But Guidry, using veteran guile, manages to get himself out of the jams without any runs being scored.

Guidry pitches in the ninth inning, but he allows a single to the lead off hitter and then walks the next batter. 

So, with no one out, and runners on first and second base, the Yankees bring in master reliever Goose Gossage.  He strikes out the next two Expos batters.  

Next up to bat, Andre Dawson.  Dawson gets to a full count fouling off numerous Gossage offerings.  And then Gossage hits Dawson loading the bases and nearly sparking a riot.  The benches clear.  

When order is restored, Gary Carter comes to bat.  He again takes Gossage to a full count.  He fouls off a pitch.  He then hits the next Gossage pitch out of the park.  The Expos get four runs and a World Championship.

Here is the line score for the game:
Yankees  000 000 100   1
Expos     000 000 004    4

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