Wednesday, August 25, 2010

De-Lovely, Delightful, and De-Naturist: AKIC's List of Eminent Naturists

In theory, there are no naturists on Earth because humanity blew it in the Garden of Eden.  But these people below did their utmost to help the Naturist Cause.  They are, to paraphrase the Cole Porter song, de-lovely, delightful, and de-naturist!

Harry M  No person has done more to advance the cause of Naturism than this Australian whose book "Divine Attributes: an intimate portfolio of my photos" is second only to the Holy Bible in its significance for humanity.

Frederich Hayek  If all economists thought like him, than the economics profession wouldn't be the joke that Nudists like Paul Krugman have made it.

Milton Friedman  His divine attribute was his brain.

Tony Esposito  The coolest looking hockey goalie ever.

Pope John Paul II  The great.  Along with Ronald Reagan, he played a huge role in the downfall of Nudist rule in Eastern Europe.

Mother Teresa  In the century of Kill, Kill, Kill, and Thrill, Thrill, Thrill, she was standing up for human life and dignity.

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