Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Two Day

Back to Work already
I have been telling the students about the wonders of long weekends which many have because of the May Day holiday (many workers are getting Monday off).   I don't have a long weekend myself because I do have to work Sunday and Monday. 
Not the I am complaining because when I think of the long weekends I endured in Canada -- three days of nothing to do, and feeling guilty about it, I need work and family to keep me properly occupied.
Many other workers here don't have a long weekend either.  I saw construction workers, on the track for the new fast train, hard at it in the unbearable sun.
Shade and Short Sleeves
The weather has turned hot in Wuxi.  Friday, I found myself seeking shade as I walked to work.  Today, I will be wearing short sleeves for the first time in 2010.
My son Tony falls asleep on May Day
It was a crazy day with him, this May Day.
Why do they need to know where I went to school?
The visa application process for Jenny is enough to throw us into despair.   Jenny was working through the forms she needs to fill out when she asked me why they needed to know what school she graduated from.  I assumed that she was mistaken looking at requirements for Chinese students studying in Canada, but when I looked at the forms I saw that she was correct.  Now she is worried that she won't be able to give a proper English name for the college she graduated from.  And I looked like an idiot for thinking her wrong about something.
Crazy as yesterday was with Tony, I was able to read a short bio about Kierkegaard.  This bio that was written by Malcom Muggeridge made K a compelling figure for me whose works I must now read.  K, according to M, was a definite outsider in his society and yet was able to have the most profound, spiritual, and prophetically accurate observations about the world.

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