Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Andis Bloggings in China

Shanghai on Wednesday
We go to the Canada Visa Center on Wednesday.  We won't be going anywhere near the Expo if we can help.  The wife will buy train tickets on Tuesday -- hopefully, the Expo doesn't make this impossible.  I haven't been in Shanghai in the longest while -- haven't had any reason to go.

Yu Pai Fu Hao on Monday
Jenny, Tony and I went to the Sichuan Restaurant across from our school for lunch.  It was yummy.  A plate of peanuts and whatever my wife ordered and I was happy!

Chicago Boy in the office
With the Canucks playing the Black Hawks in an NHL quarterfinal series (conference semifinal my ass!), the two teachers at my school who come from the lower mainland (Vancouver) look forward to being able to lay brooms and coffins and severed heads on the Illinois boy's desk.

We're looking for a trainer
We need to replace a trainer who is leaving near the end of May.  If you are interested in teaching drop me an email at akaulins@gmail.com.

The Tea Leaf Eggs
I was supposed to be having my wife's delicious tea leaf eggs for supper, but I twice forgot to take them with me.  The first time in the morning, I forgot to put them in my bag at home -- that was no problem, my wife was coming downtown anyway.

She remembered to bring the eggs with her.  When we finished our meal at Yu Pai Fu Hao, my wife handed the eggs to me so that they were actually in my hands, but a complication arose.  I was to carry Tony as I accompanied her to the bus stop. So, I decided to give the eggs back to my wife to hold until I got to the bus stop.  There, we waited for the bus and when it arrived, I watched them board.  Just as the bus took off and I was waving goodbye to Jenny and Tony, I saw my wife pull the eggs out of her bag and show them to me.

Tesco Food Court Tuesday
The Kaulins Family went to the Food court at the Tesco near to Casa K.  Father Kaulins had the fried beef rice and slim cut potatoes fried with green peppers.  Mother Kaulins had fish with shrimp and egg fried rice.
Gmail Trouble
The trouble I was having with my Google account has been solved.  Finally, a verification code sent to my mobile phone worked.  Apparently, these was some suspicious activity on my account which caused it to be locked.
This entry which is a day old can finally be posted.

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