Friday, May 21, 2010

A crappy poem

A Plea for "0"

Out of date!  Out of Date!
So you don't get to fornicate!
There is no way you can join in the fun!
So you cling to your religion and gun!
You weren't to take the dope.
So, you didn't appreciate his message of hope.
Get away from the firing range,
and join in the campaign for change.
He only wants to spread the wealth,
and make sure you have good health.
As well, he wants to stop the heat,
from melting away the white bear's heat.
What's wrong with you guys? Why so blind?
Here is a man we can all get behing!
You might have a loving clue,
if you didn't worry so much about his hue.
He is the man to bring peace in our time.
And make us live happily on the government dime.
Stop focusing on the man named Jeremiah,
Or risk becoming an Ukranian peasant pariah.
He is the way of progress.
You only want to bring out regress,
the lameness of sameness
the eternal hypocritical gracelessness.
It ain't no difficult riddle.
You got to hug the middle.
Stop it with the tea bags,
unless you want your neighbor in rags.


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