Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Evening Walk with Tony Boy

Whenever Jenny, Tony's Mom, is busy, I try to get Tony out of her hair.  Sunday Evening, I took advantage of the warm weather to get Tony out of the house.  Tony and I walked to the nearby Tesco where he rode the one rmb amusement rides.  At the parlour, Tony was an item of interest for the girls working there.  They asked me all the usual questions about his age, his nationality, and his sex -- the latter question befuddled me. 
One of the rides I put Tony on was an airplane type where the plane was attached to a automatic lever that caused the plane to rise, fall, and spin about.  Tony didn't care for the ride and wanted to be pulled off -- it scared him.
He then did an surprising thing.  The girl was peppering me with questions when all-of-a-sudden Tony grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the amusement parlour.  It has been his habit to have to be dragged out by his parents.  It was the first time to see the tables turned, and why Tony needed to leave was a mystery.  Outside the parlour, I put Tony in my arms and we walked around Tesco.
We walked about Tesco not buying anything except a Pepsi which we shared on the way back home.
We walked through the Public Square -- the local People's square, as it were to get home.  Nothing could be finer I thought than to walk in a huge and deserted public square on a comfortable night with your son.  With Tony growing so fast, and I ageing even faster, these moments are precious and can't be easily replicated.  He clings to me now, but there will be times when he won't want to be caught dead next to me.

He eventually fell asleep which meant it was time to return home.   Back home, Tony was very clingy.  Thinking he was fully asleep, I tried to get away, but almost like he had one eye opened all the time, he protested in a "where do you think you are going?" manner.  My return quietened him.

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