Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yahoo! There is a newly-opened Italian Restaurant near our school!

There is a recently-opened Italian Restaurant, Trattoria Ferrara, in the same building as my school on #2 118 Zhongshan Road.

They sell pizza by the slice for 11 rmb. The slices are big and tasty, and I have been having them for lunch for the last two weeks.


To find Trattoria Ferrara, go the building, next to the Church on Zhongshan Road, which has an 85 Bakery and a Dico's. If you go from the church through the Dico's, make a left turn and go the end, you will see pizza slices for sale on the restaurant's main floor. If you go from the 85 Bakery, walk through the circular courtyard to the end. For those who know the area, the restaurant fronts on Xin Kuai He Xiao Xue street and is opposite the entrance to Ming Zhu Da Sha apartment building.

Those who have gone into the restaurant, tell me the food is great.

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