Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A few things on my second day back at work.

  • I have asked some students what they have heard about Mao Xiao Ping, the Wuxi Mayor who recently became the former Mayor.  What they have told me, I could ascertain, was via rumor, not on a news report.  One student told me that the former Wuxi Mayor was in prison.  Another told me that he had committed suicide.  The new mayor, I learned, is a woman, a Mrs. Hong.
  • Yesterday, I was a street so that was so jammed that I, as a pedestrian, couldn't make my way through.  I was walking down a side street, about one and a half lanes wide, that was blocked both ways by cars so close together I couldn't walk through.  As well, the sidewalks on both sides were full of parked bicycles tightly jammed together.  The two cars were so close to the bicycles that was no space for someone as thin as me to walk through.  I had to get behind one of the cars and follow it till I could fine some daylight on the sidewalk.
  • It is tricky for me, at school, to load podcasts on my Ipod.  If I do so, I would wipe out everything that I had put on my Ipod at home.  So, I will have to make sure my libraries on Itunes, at school and at home, are the same.  But this will mean having to download some books again (I find that is a good sight to find epubs).
  • I have uploaded Scenes from My Life 2 onto Youtube.  You can watch Scenes from My Life 1 here.

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