Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Not much to say other than less than two weeks to go till the Spring Festival.

I will let some photos do the talking for me:


Anonymous said...

Let the pictures do the talking? Intresting concept Andis! I believe this idea will be a big hit with AKIC fans around the world!
We have always thought your pics & vids were entertaining, a regular educational buffet.

Mr. Ron
Detroit,MI USA

Andis Kaulins said...


Thanks, as always, for your kind words.

How will you be observing the Chinese New Year in Detroit. Remember that at midnight of the 21st (Saturday Night).

Anonymous said...

We will begin by Lu calling her friends/family & Grandfather in China.
Then eat a yummy late brunch at [The Golden Harvest] Warren, MI, best congee in town! They also have the push carts with the goodies, oh! I can't wait!
The year of the Dragon begins Monday 1.23.2012 so we will get started here in Michigan on Sunday afternoon to be in sync with the lunar calendar.
Andis, please correct me if I'm wrong on the date, which is highly doubtful. It's not that I am always right, it's just that I am hardly ever wrong. Lu hates that! The worst part is when she has to say,
"Ron, you are right...AGAIN!"


Ron & Lu