Friday, January 27, 2012

Notes taken on my Ipod during my Beixin Spring Festival Sojourn

An AKIC Exclusive!  These are the notes I made on my Ipod while I was in Beixin for the Spring Festival.  These notes are unedited and historians can do with them what they want!

Cny day 4
One more day!
Compound:  an open area that is enclosed by wall or fence.  I call the place where J's parents live the compound.  V was wondering why I call it that.
Maybe go to Taixing today; maybe not.  That was the plan but J's father poo-pooed the idea.  J says we can sneak there.
I still have the HyLite cough.  J insists this is because I go outside w/o jacket -- I do, but for a short time.
To be in a KFC during CNY -- not my idea of a good time.
I am in the KFC in Taixing.  Tony was miserable till he espied the playground.  Till then,  he had his fingers in his ears.  Telling him that there no fireworks meet on deaf ears, or plugged...

Cny day 3
Go for beer walk with V last night.
J really mad at me last night.   I had to apologize 100 times.  What did I do?  I used the face cloth to wash my feet.  What was I thinking?  I used the familiar cloth.
I went for a walk after lunch.  I bought gloves -- 5 rmb.  I then walked past fields and I saw a church -- a Christian Church.  The CC not in a prime location -- it is located off a main road behind a loading area for trucks.  It can be seen from fields but not from a great distance.  It was only by luck (grace?) that I found it.
Now, I listen to a CHP podcast.

Cny day 2
Tony don't like fireworks
Fingers always in his ears.  It is a phase I tell myself.
Last night, we go to bed early.  Guess  who had to plug his ears at midnite?!?
Garbage I see gets me to thinking.  It says so much about modern life anywhere.
There is not much I can say that I haven't said already.
I walk without Tony.  He doesn't want to leave the compound.
No showering for me.  I wash myself with a basin of hot water and a wash cloth.

Cny day 1
Bus station:  everything running smoothly
Vaughan gives me beer.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't your wife the one who demands you wash in the evening as well as the morning? And she yells at you for using a cloth? How dirty were your feet? There is something wrong here and you shouldn't have to apologize because somebody acts like a fool.