Friday, December 9, 2011

Saudi Arabian Chinese Food and other observations

  • I asked some students what the worse meal they ever had was.  Many of them said every meal at their school cafeteria.  One student told me he that he had his worst meal about two weeks previously.  The time frame piqued the interest of the students and this teacher.  He told us he was in Saudi Arabia when he and his companions walked into a restaurant with a sign that said Chinese Food.  They had the worst Chinese food in their lives.  The restaurant, which had no Chinese working in it, just didn't know how to make Chinese food.
  • I had told the students that my worst meal was at a hotel in Beijing in 2003 where I had the worst Western Breakfast ever.  I don't know how they cooked the eggs, but it wasn't in a Western fashion.  The eggs were runny and liquidy and couldn't have been fried using butter.
  • Another student, when I asked her, the favorite food question, told me she had a favorite food for each season.  She then proceeded to tell me her favorite food for each season.  Usually, students won't offer up so much information, so I was very impressed by her answer.
  • Students have written down the following words when I mentioned them in class:  hibernation and vomit.  Hibernation is a wonderful concept for a place when many think sleeping is a hobby.  Vomit is a good-sounding word to describe cafeteria food.
  • From the school's third floor, I was able to look below to see a worker carrying a sack of rice on his shoulder while holding onto another heavy bag with his free arm.  With his head down, he was running to his destination as fast as he could -- he had to carry the bag from a van parked on the street 50 meters to his restaurant.  I felt sorry as I watched him.  When he got to the restaurant entrance, a man was waiting for him.  "Thanks asshole for helping him!" I thought.

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