Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blogspot entry 4007: Peanuts and Ketchup. Creating Consists.

  • I have made as many entries in this blog as Joe Namath threw for passing yards in the 1967 American Football League season: 4,007.
  • This is wordpress entry number 3848.
  • Someone was telling my I was brave to voice my political opinions in my blog. If only I was brave enough to voice my political opinions in conversation!
  • I have lost readers by bravely voicing my opinions, but every one needs a place where they say how they think instead of just keeping their thoughts to themselves.
  • Often in conversation, I am shy to voice my opinions, often stewing inside rather than saying that I disagree with something others say. Sometimes, I can't be bothered with arguing and, to be honest, I shirk confrontation. But since this is my blog and my place, I say what I believe. There is no point worrying about losing readers who don't like what I think. This blog will last longer than anything I say in conversation.
  • Tony and his father's laptop.
  • The menu, at Grandma's, said peanuts and sauce. That is, the Grandma's that is down the street from the Blue Bar. Anyway, we ordered the peanut dish. The sauce was ketchup but I ate all the peanuts anyway.
  • Miscellaneous Photos.
  • The weather in Wuxi is strange. Here I am wearing a toque (knit cap) and long underwear (long johns) on a December day. I feel like I am in Vancouver.
  • Wuxi Construction Photos.
  • I am trying to find ways to put more trains in the Microsoft Train Simulator program I loaded on my laptop for Tony. I have figured out how to make new train configurations or consists. That is, I can now add all sorts of cars and engines to my trains. For instance, one configuration consists of five engines and alternating passenger and freight cars. Since, passenger train service often is money losing in reality, I figure all passenger trains that I design should deliver freight in order to make a profit.
  • Anyway, I figured how to make new consists or configurations using the Wordpad program. I was trying to download a consist editor with no success. Looking through forums about the matter, I came across a posting saying the best way to edit consists was using Wordpad. And it was easy, I would open up .con files and then cut and paste code.
  • Trying to put new trains in the Train Simulator program is not so easy. I downloaded a file for a Percy train (one of the trains from Thomas and Friends) followed the installation instructions in the readme file, but the train doesn't show up in the Simulator program.
  • Tony and my laptop.

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