Monday, December 5, 2011

Blogspot Entry #4005: The Marxist versus the _____? The China History Podcast mentions me!

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  • I garnered a mention in this episode of the superb Chinese History Podcast.  No!  I haven't done anything of historical importance in China.  I did mention that I had found the podcast in a previous entry.  I hope my rare readers have taken my advice and downloaded some episodes.  I have about 50 to listen to of the 66 that are available.  So far the podcasts, I have listened to, have been very informative.  If you haven't started listening to the podcast, I would recommend you listen to the first three podcasts about Deng Xiao Peng before you listen to the fourth one in which I am mentioned.  Then refer to the entry and see how I got my mention.
  • Laslzo Montgomery, who does the podcast, has the life.  He can shuttle back and forth between the China and America.  I have to admit I envy that.  I need a little bit more of Canada than I get at the moment, and but I know I would hate to be back in Canada away from China.
  • It is depressing to see how the Republican Nomination process seems to be unfolding.  I use the word "seem" because the reporting of the process is survey driven, not based on actual voting. 
  • I am disappointed by my first choice Herman Cain having to withdraw from the race.  I can't help but think that there was some Chicago-style skulduggery from forces sympathetic to Obama involved in Cain's downfall.  Still, the Cain candidacy did some good.  I think it has chipped away at the use of the race card by the Democrats.  I hope it will convince a few Blacks that the Democrats are not their friend but the 21st century version of the Plantation owner.
  • I now place my hopes on Michelle Bachman.  I know the polls say that she has no chance.  But ultimately the anti-Romney forces can't rally behind Gingrich.  Gingrich, in his infinite wisdom, decided to sit on that park bench beside that Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi.  And his personal life will take some explaining too.  Bravo to him for converting to Catholicism but he still has the politician's habit of trying to use sophistry to try to explain away his past sins, of which he has many.  Still, he does have better ideas than the current resident of the White House, and he would be an improvement if he got to move in there.  But his ideas are all over the place like a Futurist.  Gingrich may do something good by accident, but he also seems he will be able to easily find rationales to explain any Squishy moves he would make.  Can't the Republicans do better than him?
  • Mitt Romney again would be a better President than the current resident of the White House, but, like Gingrich he has a history of squishiness.  If somehow a President Romney had a son-of-a-bitch aspect to him, like Nixon and Obama's supporters, there may be hope for the American Republic.  But I am afraid Romney isn't.  He is just a technocrat who thinks he can fix a sinking ship.
  • So the U.S. Presidential election will pit the Marxist against the Futurist?  Big Ears against Big Hair?  The Marxist against the Mormon?  The No-Hoper against the Flip-Flopper?  The Liar against  Mister Multiple Personality?  The Marxist against the Conservative?    The last matchup is devoutly to be wished for but it may not happen alas...
  • To be Mister Rodgers or Vince Lombardi?  That is the question for me as I think about teaching.  I would say that the choice depends on the students.  Some come to the class motivated, disciplined, and enthused so that a teacher can be nice.  But others need a kick in the ass. The students who come to class with no motivation, no discipline, and no enthusiasm have to be either dealt with Vince Lombardi style or purged a la KGB, OGPU pr the NKVD.  Being a humanitarian, I should turn Vince Lombardi on those latter types.
  • I wanted these students to leave the class.  Clever little bastards pretended not to understand me.  What could I do?  I took away their toys.
  • A lot of English teachers spend their spare moments playing X-Box games.  How pathethic!
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