Thursday, December 8, 2011


  • Tony wants Ultraman
  • It was cold enough in Wuxi on December 9th that I wore a parka.  That is, it was cold enough that my wife ordered me to wear a parka.  Thankfully, it was cold enough to wear a parka.  My biggest complaint about the weather is that it sometimes doesn't make my wardrobe.
  • When it rains, you have to be the sunshine.  Or maybe it is that when it rains, you ought to be the hail.  But in practice, most of us, when it rains, are worms coming out of the soil.
  • It was chilly enough on the evening of December 8 that people waiting at the bus stop were hopping in order to keep warm.
  • I have a sore back.  I was sitting on the bus, on the way to work, for forty minutes during which I was quite satisfied.  I read a chapter of my Chinese textbook all the while listening to a China History Podcast.  After listening to the history of the Xia and then the Shang Dynasty, I put on country music that I had loaded on the phone (American Soldier by Toby Keith is a great song -- something you can play to annoy Leftists, Anti-Semites, Terrorist-sympathizers and Anti-Americans).  The bus got to the end of route.  Getting out of my seat was an ordeal.  A spasm of pain made the getting up slow.  I could have used a cane to get off the bus.  I'm getting old.
  • Meanwhile, Jenny has a sore neck and shoulder, and can't sleep.  I give her massages.

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