Saturday, November 12, 2011

Student has snake. Hides fact from Grandfather.

A student of mine has a pet snake.  Recently, I have been having a class with her every weekend so I have learned a lot about the snake and monitored its status.

The student ordered the snake on the Internet.  She showed me pictures of it.  It was long, thin, and with with dark spots.  As far as I could tell, Blackie was harmless.

When she ordered the snake, she also ordered about a dozen mice to feed it.  But for the first two weeks, she said the snake wasn't eating.

Yesterday however, she reported that the snake had eaten one mouse.  The other mice, she told me, she put in the fridge.  I asked how it was that her grandparents (not her parents,) who she lives with, let her do that with the mice.

I found out that her grandmother lets her do this and doesn't have problems with her having a pet snake.  However, she keeps the fact from her grandfather who she says thinks snakes are bad luck.  Her grandfather normally doesn't enter her room and she puts the snake in the closet.

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