Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 14, 2011: I'm a little bit country. My Republican Love Match. Lunch with Paul and Lilly. Accident aftermaths.

  • After listening to this podcast, I have decided to seek out country music on the Internet.  I think of this new interest as a sign of my continuing intellectual maturity. I feel now that if you really want to open your mind, you have to listen to country music.  Pop Music is generally an urban and pretentious things -- it is noisy and about style -- lyric matters little to it.  Country does express ideas -- not stylish postures.
  • Who is your Republican Presidential candidate love match?  I took this quiz to find mine.  The quiz shows the taker a quote from each of the GOP candidates on nine topics, and so you must pick the one you like the best or most agree with.  The only problem with the quiz  is that you may find yourself agreeing with seven or eight of the quotes, and so you can only choose one based on really uncertain criteria.  The quiz, after my first taking, told me my love match was Mitt Romney which only shows that he can't be trusted to be a true conservative when push comes to shove.  You have to judge Mitt by his actions and his flip-flops, not what he says.
  • Not being satisfied with the quiz result, I took it again and my Republican Presidential candidate love match was Jon Huntsman!  WTF!
  • Clearly the quiz is flawed.  Huntsman, disqualified himself in my book, when he said he was a moderate!  You might as well say you come to work moderately drunk or are moderately honest.
  • The one or two sentence statements, that the quiz asks the taker to decide between, don't really completely encapsulate my thoughts and beliefs about an issue.
  • Third time taking the quiz, my match is Sarah Palin!  Yes!  
  • Will Gorzo the Mighty become the King of China Expats?
  • Yesterday, we had lunch with Paul and Lilly at Mama's on the top floor of Wuxi Yaohan, formerly Ba Bai Ban.  Paul has a blog somewhere on the Internet.  And as soon as he provides me the link I will pass it on.  He, like me, met his wife in Wuxi.  He is very tech savvy, and so unlike me, he is not in this English teaching racket.  I am hoping he can fix up my laptop and websites.
  • Anyway, he is a great guy, he loves China, and he has found a job in Shanghai.  His wife Lily's parents live in Wuxi, and I will get to see them periodically.
  • Tony managed to sit still throughout that lunch because he was able to play with an Ipad.  He gave the evil eye to a boy who stopped to watch him.
  • And the food was good!
  • Wife tells me she saw an accident aftermath scene at an intersection near Casa K.  She saw a man on a motorcycle laying on the ground with a open-eyed and stunned look om his face.  I immediately recalled the time I saw two men laying with similar looks on their faces on a freeway after they had been in a collision with a flatbed truck.  I assumed they that were dead.  Jenny wasn't so sure with her sight.  She said she saw no blood.  I remember seeing blood trickling down the forehead from my incident.
  • Tony has a gun: see this here, and here.
  • Restless Sunday night:  I lay awake.  I was soothing my depressed mood -- it really seemed to be a physical not mental manifestation -- with comforting thoughts.  It was battle of my will and soul against my body.
  • How to get Chinese students to talk.  It is not easy.  I try to talk about things that they have experience with, but even then you have to deal with their natural reticence or shyness.  I think that the educational system forces many of them to be quiet.  Some of the students can barely talk about a whisper.  One kid was so bad that I had to call him mumbles.  Thirty admonitions in the class couldn't change.  I should have put his genitals in a wrench.
  • Another girl gave me the impression that she had never been asked direct questions by a teacher ever.

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