Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back to Work

  • I spent my last two days off at home.  Nothing seemed better to me than to play on the Internet and listen to podcasts.  I did take Tony for a bike ride, which I think I just mentioned in a previous entry.  We, that is Jenny and I, went to the nearby Tesco to shop.  There, she successfully talked me out of buying a HDMI cable that would have allowed me to connect my laptop to our big-screen television.  Jenny gave me an ultimatum:  I could have the cable or I could have bread and biscuits.  Thinking about it for ten minutes, I realized that the computer-television connection was probably something that I wouldn't be doing so often.  Tony would get involved so that he and I would start arguing.  I opted for bread and biscuits.
  • Herman Cain had a spot of trouble.  My instinct is that he will get through it.  My suspicion is that he violated some left-wing taboo way back when.  They say Cain is a gentleman, and he has a direct manner about him that Romney doesn't have.  Gentlemen, in this day and age, will do things that are not in keeping with leftist orthodoxies.  Clinton, Ted Kennedy and Obama have done worse things that didn't disqualify them -- it helped that they were Democrats, of course, and so they had lower moral standards to adhere to.  I just don't think Tea Party supporters are going to be cowed into going along with what the establishment types want them to believe.  Cain will probably come out of this stronger.
  • Tony and I played with the Microsoft Train Simulator again.  We were less annoyed with each other than the last time I put on the software for him.  Tony didn't have a fit begging for me to put on the software after supper.  He sat at his little table and used crayons to color for two hours.
  • The Europeans are begging the Chinese to help them with their financial trouble?  This is the continent happily marched into WW1, and that tried to stop wars from ever happening again, only to have to fight WW2.

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