Friday, November 4, 2011

Should China bail out Europe? Broken Down Bus. Sinica Podcast. My son is a bugger at bedtime.

  • Should China bail out Europe?  That was the question I asked students at my Friday evening English Corner.  None of them said yes.  And when I pointed out to them that China was still a much relatively poorer place than Europe, that the Europeans work but 37 hours a weeks and that they get six weeks of holidays, the students were even less inclined.  I then mentioned the European occupation of China over a hundred years, and the students attitude could then be summed up in two words:  "Screw them!"
  • Saturday morning, the bus, I was taking, broke down.  Everyone got off and caught another one.  I don't think any of the passengers were compensated for their trouble unless they told the driver on the next bus what had happened.  I should have done that but I couldn't be bothered.
  • My son Tony is a bugger at bedtime.  Here is the photographic proof.
  • I have found and recommend to you two informative podcasts about China.  Previously, I mentioned the China History Podcast.  I will say it is very informative.  My only quibble is that I wish the host Laslzo Montgomery would stop telling us about his travel itinerary.  Just get to the history!  please!  The other podcast I have found is the Sinica Podcast.  I have listened to a couple episodes. I will say it is informative, but I can tell that the hosts are generally on the left wing of the political spectrum with their NPR manner of speaking.  As well, they suggested, in one podcast, that North Korea would change if the Americans had a kind of "Nixon goes to China" moment with them.   A patently ridiculous suggestion, of course, coming from the stupid notion that Americans are responsible for all the trouble in the world.  Here is a link to the Sinica Webcast.  I use a rss reader so here is the rss feed.

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