Friday, September 9, 2011

Monday is a holiday so I get Saturday off. Kapeche?

  1. Good title for this entry.  Now, If only I had something to say.  I type this at home.  Soon, I will take Tony to his kindergarten van pickup spot.  Then I will take the bus to work.  Maybe, I will see the commercial, that Tony and I are in, that has been playing on bus video screens.  Perhaps I will see something interesting and be able to go off on a rant or tangent.
  2. One more thing -- for now.  Monday is holiday in China: the moon festival, I believe.  Monday is my normal day off.  So, I will take Saturday off.
  3. I wrote points one and two on Friday morning.  It is now Friday evening.  I never did make any blog entries during the day.  I turned on my 8 year old Compaq Presario this morning and put on my email program.  I was about to make some blog entries.  I saw that the my USB camera card reader was recognized by my laptop.  I went to the washroom and was about to start some blogging when I saw a disk read error on my screen.  The message told me to press Crtl/Alt/Del to restart the start process.  Doing this didn't do any good.  My Hard Drive had failed.
  4. The death of my computer put me all out of sorts for the rest of the day.  I hope that I don't lose all the school work I had on that Laptop.  It would be annoying, to say the least, to have to redo all the lesson plans I have made. 
  5. I didn't see the commercial starring Tony and me either.  None of the bus I rode Friday had video screens.  Perhaps on Saturday.  I don't think Saturday is going to be a sunny day. So much for my plan to take Tony for a ride in the countryside around my home.
  6. Saturday, I have been told, is Teacher's Day.  I won't be at school, which may be a good thing or perhaps a bad thing.

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