Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autumn in Wuxi, China

Autumn in Wuxi
There was a tinge of cool, even cold, in the air as I took Tony to the kindergarten van pick-up spot.  I wore a long-sleeve top for the first time since Niel's wedding -- and, I might add that, I had no urge to not wear pants for the first time since Niel's wedding as well.
What does Autumn in Wuxi mean?  Well....  Damned if I know!  There is song about Autumn in New York that has the lyrics:
Shimmering clouds - glimmering crowds (glittering crowds and shimmering clouds)
In canyons of steel
They're making me feel - I'm home
Can these lyrics apply to Wuxi?
Conflict on the bus
Friday night, I was taking the bus home, as I usually do.  I got a seat as, I am happy to say, as I usually do.  I sat, as I usually do, at the back of the bus.
The bus came to a stop, and I saw that there were fifteen or so people about to board the bus.  I thanked my lucky stars that I got on the bus at an earlier bus stop as I witnessed the people rush to get available seats.  Right of where I sat, two seats were available.  I saw a woman rush up and sit on one of them.  Behind her, as she rushed, was another woman who then tried to get the other seat.  The first woman wouldn't let the second woman take the seat.  The second woman got angry, and, with her ass, shoved the other woman over and sat down.  The first woman didn't let the second woman take the seat, I realized, because she was trying to save it for a male companion who got on the bus just after the second woman.  The second woman and the first woman and this male had words.  No blows were exchanged.  The second woman didn't yield.
I don't know what the correct etiquette in this situation is, but I would side with the second woman.  I can understand her getting angry at the first woman:you have got a bead on an empty seat and someone doesn't let you take it.  That just doesn't happen usually.  The first woman thought she had a claim to both seats because she got there first, but unless you are a mother with child, it is everyone for themselves.  And if you get on the bus stick together.  Although I know that is hard because it is everyone for themselves when they get on the bus.
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