Saturday, September 24, 2011

How much are your glasses? The first blog entry made from my new laptop

Another great moment in AKIC history.  I am writing this AKIC entry on my new Dell Laptop -- an historical first.

I haven't much to say in this entry because I am still out of sorts from having gone a week without my old laptop. I will say but two things:

1)  I support Israel and whatever it takes to ensure its survival.  I am not sure if a Palestinian state would ensure its survival, however.

2)  How much are your glasses?  The students always ask me this question.  It drives me mad that they do so.

They ask the question whenever I solicit questions from then using the words "How much" or "How many."  Are they asking because my reading glasses are ugly or cool-looking?  I assume they are thinking the former.

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